Tujue is an independent NGO that seeks to sort out facts surrounding events between Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey and its predecessor(s).

In no way can the authors, the owner of this web page or the organization be held responsible for what you do with the information displayed on this website. Use this website and the information provided on it in your own responsibility.

Our motivation in the information provided is to provide you with the facts as objectively as possible. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee the correctness, completeness or truth in our articles. However, the content of this website will highlight the other side of the story and be closer to the truth than the average article in the leading media. We ask you to consciously deal with information and to judge for yourself, to develop your own vision of reality and to look at events without prejudice.

When we write on this website about Armenians, Azerbaijanis, the Ottoman Empire, Republic of Armenia, Republic of Azerbaijan, Republic of Turkey or Turks, we are not referring here to individual people (s) or entire population groups. This information is not intended to be a defamation and is therefore not to be construed as a personal attack or attack on the country in question. Realize that there is never a single culprit in a conflict and that every country and organization has a contribution to the situation that has arisen.

If you have discovered an error on this website or if you have sources with which you want to prove the opposite, feel free to share it with us. We collect a lot of information, but also images, from freely accessible sources on the internet. Should we mistakenly do or harm property rights despite our diligence, please notify us. We will then correct this immediately.

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