Karabakh is a geographical and historical region located in western Azerbaijan and southeastern Armenia, stretching from the highlands of the Lesser Caucasus to the lowlands between the Kura and Aras. There is currently no official designation for what constitutes the whole of Karabakh. Historically, the maximum extent of what could be considered Karabakh during the existence of the Kanaat van Karabakh in the 18th century, stretched from the Zangezur Mountains in the west, in the east along the Aras River to the point where it entered the Kura River and then follows the river Kura to the north, to what is now the Mingachevir reservoir and returns via the Murov mountains to the Zangezur mountains. In some context, the northern (Goranboy and Yevlakh) and eastern (Imishli) parts are often excluded.

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